A fresh look at the Creation “Science” Museum

I recently blogged on a visit to the creation science museum, located not far from my home in Cincinnati, Ohio. It is a creationist alternative to natural history museums. The creation museum attempts to provide scientific authenticity and respectability to the creationist view that the bible is literally true in every detail. That is, God … Read more

Radical Cloning

There is a quiet revolution going on in the world of cloning. Very few have heard of it, but its potential power is astonishing. Imagine a radical new way to clone that can not only create exact carbon copies of adults, but also allows the generation of important genetic improvements. Another you, but smarter, healthier, … Read more

How to fight cow farts and save the world

We all know about global warming, and we all want to save the planet. The average person on the planet is responsible for about four tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year, for a total of about 25 gigatons (thousand billion tons) (http://timeforchange.org/CO2-emissions-by-country). Seems like a lot. Surprisingly, however, although it gets almost all of … Read more