How to fight cow farts and save the world

We all know about global warming, and we all want to save the planet. The average person on the planet is responsible for about four tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year, for a total of about 25 gigatons (thousand billion tons) ( Seems like a lot. Surprisingly, however, although it gets almost all of … Read moreHow to fight cow farts and save the world

Is the Killing (Abortion) of Human Embryos Always Murder?

Dr. Robert Edwards won the Nobel Prize in 2010 for developing in vitro fertilization. The mixing of eggs and sperm in the test tube makes early human embryos, which can then be surgically placed in the uterus of the hopeful mother, where they develop into babies. This technology creates life, allowing otherwise infertile couples to … Read moreIs the Killing (Abortion) of Human Embryos Always Murder?

A Trip to the Creation “Science” Museum

Oh Boy. Oh Joy. I live in Cincinnati, home of the “Creation Museum”. In case you didn’t know, it is a “museum” dedicated to a literal interpretation of the bible. Earth is only a few thousand years old. God created all life on earth as we see it today. Evolution is wrong, never happened. The … Read moreA Trip to the Creation “Science” Museum

Dogs Prove Evolution

Dogs provide an interesting proof of evolution. Consider the astonishing variety of different dog breeds. There is the tiny Chihuahua, about six inches tall and weighing under six pounds. And other dogs are enormous, with the Irish wolfhound rising above a person when on his hind legs, and the Saint Bernard weighing over two hundred … Read moreDogs Prove Evolution